”‘Intellectual property,’ and the states that enforce it, are the enemies of knowledge, progress, and human life itself. It’s time to destroy them.” -Kevin Carson

Notes | Overdue: Reckoning with the Public Library

Amanda Oliver. Overdue: Reckoning with the Public Library. Chicago Review Press. 2022. Summary Amanda Oliver reflects on the nine years she spent working within public libraries. Much of the book centers on her time at Northwest One, a library in DC that, like many libraries, is a haven for people that our already limited safety nets do not cover. She discusses how librarians serve many functions well beyond what an MLIS degree prepares them for, how the presence of an armed guard at her library provided a relief, but the dissonance of not trusting cops and adding a carceral solution to a problem better addressed with structural resources.…

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Notes | Abolish Silicon Valley

Wendy Liu. Abolish Silicon Valley: How to Liberate Technology from Capitalism. Repeater Books. 2019. Summary Part memoir, part recommendations for a better world. Wendy Liu takes the reader on a journey of her shifting views of tech from her time as a child programming, through undergrad, as worker within her own startup and through its demise. Her beliefs range from an ardent believer in Silicon Valley to calls for its abolishment.…

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Biked ~30 miles Wrote ~600 words Implemented a feature on a personal project Read 65 pages Visited with some friends

One of the most fulfilling Saturdays in a long while.

A heads up if anyone purchases an Aventon. Seems like a pretty consistent issue is that the brakes they come with our not very good. My right rear brake never worked well and I’ve had multiple bike shosp bleed it. I’m at a point where I’m just going to replace it with mechanical disc brakes. Downside is that you also need to replace the lever with a mechanical disc lever with cutoff.

350 more words into the zine. Does anyone have any good articles on Ring and other corporate back surveillance networks. I have my outline but I’m hoping (and also dreading) to come across something I wasn’t expecting about these surveillance systems.

After 3 years of using Pop OS, I just learned about other search features from within the launcher. I don’t know why I didn’t go looking for this feature sooner.

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo not with the intention of writing a novel but with the intention of producing a zine. I’ve had this zine on surveillance kicking around in my head for a while now. We’ve got 338 words written and, so far, ten sections outlined. Looking forward to sourcing and remixing public domain work for the art.

Notes | The Austerity Politics of White Supremacy

Source: Dissent Magazine | Author: Vanessa Williamson | Date: Winter 2021 Summary Vanessa Williamson’s article traces the identity of the taxpayer from the Reconstruction South to the present day. Due to suffrage, anti-Reconstruction operators knew that they would not be able to achieve political wins democratically, so they changed tactics and focused on growing their base by pearl clutching about debts and deficits. The Southern ‘Redeemers’, who often had direct connections to the KKK, re-branded themselves as representatives of the taxpayers – an effort to eschew ties to slavery and racism.…

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Penguin and Random House merger got blocked. Legitimately good news.


My primary post covid symptom seems to be needing more sleep than I did previously. Or rather not sleeping enough seems to have worse effects than it did previously.

Coming from a much, much drier climate, and having lived in newer homes (built in the 60s-70s and forward) for most of my life, I am unprepared for bug mitigation. I’m caulking up windows, de-humidifying my house, and next up is purchasing some pandan plants. Still they persist.

Who decided we would glue wallpaper to walls? Who?

Notes | Ctrl+Alt+Delete: The changing landscape of the uncanny valley and the fear of second loss

Source: doi.org/10.1007/s… | Author: Debra J Basset | Date: September 22, 2018 Summary Basset uses qualitative methods to examine the impacts that posthumous digital persistence enabled through the internet has on participants. Her research focuses on the bereaved, a group she calls Digital Inheritors (DI), and the findings focus on the link between comfort and control, the changes occurring within the notions of the ‘uncanny valley’, and fears of ‘second loss.…

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Getting hypermedia pilled. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for for a while with front-end development.

Love this haiku on the htmx website

javascript fatigue:
longing for a hypertext
already in hand

Adversarial machine learning is a reason to get on the machine learning train. Would love to find ways to populate all of these labor stealing tools with bad data.

Debt relief application is finally live.


Any ethically trained AI models out there? I want to dabble with the technology to get a better understanding without supporting what are effectively automated scabbing services.

All Public Transit Issues Can Be Traced Back to the Ford Motor Company

It is appropriate that the subsidiary responsible for today’s transit misfortune is owned by the Ford Motor Company. Today, I dropped my bicycle off to get serviced. The guy at the shop recommended I walk over to a used shop in a nearby neighborhood since I said I was in the market for a cheap, beater backup bicycle. I walk over. The shop doesn’t have anything currently, they’ll call me if something comes in.…

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Me to person who has been in the code base forever: “I’m trying to get my debugger working with this.”

Person who has been in the code base forever: “I’ve never gotten the debugger working, I just log the errors and unravel the ball of yarn.”

Housekeeping Update

For those following along, I’m updating how I use microblog. For a long while I’ve wanted to do a link blog. My goal is to make 3 posts a week that have a technology related link, a fun link, and a wildcard link with some commentary. That’s the baseline. It could get more expansive, but I wanted to do something attainable. I’m working on a new template that leverages categories for presentation.…

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How To Download Academic Papers for Free

How to download academic papers and books for free pic.twitter.com/slxtHkbFRs — Alex Strasser (@AStrasser116) October 2, 2022…

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Why You Should Design Overland Maps With 6 Mile Hexes

Not to mention this handy consequence… pic.twitter.com/RBZ8ZbgTNS — Lumpenrolletariat (Nat) (@Rolletariat) October 3, 2022…

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Covid a leading cause of Lymphocytopenia along with AIDS

Huge drug manufacturer Merck lists Covid as being a leading cause of Lymphocytopenia along with AIDS. Lymphocytopenia is where the body cannot produce enough white blood cells needed to fight infection, cancers etc: pic.twitter.com/bnLzsu71uC — Chris Turnbull (@EnemyInAState) October 3, 2022…

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