Notes | Critical Commentary Decolonizing Infrastructures of Empire

Posted on Sep 21, 2021

This ended up being a much shorter paper than I thought it would be. It’s in like 16 point font for some reason. It contains two quotes that I want to preserve for later. Though it has led me to other papers within the journal that may appear to be what I’m looking for. They are saved for another day, probably tomorrow.

ISSN: 2380-3312 - Source: Catalyst: feminism, theory, technoscience


The authors provide a survey of where discussions of technology were going before media and globalizations studies turned optimistic. The authors suggest that by going back and egnaging with the black radical theoretical tradition as well as incorporating indigenous and decolonial critiques we can move beyond the focus of knowledge production and back towards creating a collective imagination.


“It was through these movements for decolonization and racial and economic justice where we first see calls for self-reliance and ultimately “liberated mediat infrastructures to combat colonial propaganda and build transational circuits of transport and communication (radio and newspapers) in the services of the commons (Arough & Chakravartty 2016, p. 563) (2)”

“The post-Cold war era of a seemingly peaceful global order alongside the worldwide proliferation of neo-liberal media and computer infrastructure has further shifted the interest in the fields of communication and media studies away from engagement with colonial violence and what political scientist Cedric Robinson termed “racial capitalism” (1983). (3)

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