Chambers and Their Echoes, a Colostle Playthrough | Day 3 📝

Posted on Sep 28, 2021

Week 1, Day 3

Exploration 5 [diamond] | Event King [Spades]

I could feel the heat of the candelabra before I opened my eyes, but a throbbing coursed through my body, overpowering any feelings that would normally come with being woken by the gentle flicker. The gargoyle. I plummeted from the rafters. I shouldn’t be alive. I open my eyes and see that someone’s applied a splint. Hugo? I stand and try to place some weight on my right foot. A flash of pain runs up my leg. Too tender.

Hugo chides me from the camp fire, “Glad you’re alive, but you need to take it easy,” he turns a spit and he looks back to me, relieved, “You’re made of tougher stuff than I thought. Don’t know many people who survive an encounter with a gargoyle.”

I limp towards the fire, “You ever seen one of those before?”

“Not in my life. When you arrived I thought my prayers were answered, but now I’m so sure.”

He was joking, but I couldn’t stand jokes right now. “I’m not trying to be visited by gargoyles either, you know.”

Hugo moved on, “Do you think we’ll be able to row out of here today or do you need more rest?”

“I want off the island as soon as possible,” I say hobbling towards him. “I’m going to get used to limping before midday and then we’re going to get out of here.”

“No need to rush. What’s a few more days here to me when I thought I’d die here.”

A few more days means never finding the lock to this key. “You might understand that I’m not too keen to sleep beneath this gargoyle’s rafters for another day.”

Hugo could tell I was in no mood for discussion, “I caught us some fish, have one.” He took a spit from the fire and passed it to me.

Unsure of how exactly to approach eating it I bit into it through the skin. Surprisingly, I liked the skin the most. But I realized eating like this would pose some problems what with the bones I began picking at it. “Thank you.” I mumbled through mouthfuls.

He nodded but let me sit in silence while I ate. We let the fire burn out on its own. “I need to try and walk. I’ll yell if I need anything.”

I shuffled off and limped along the beach staying close to the tree line so that I wouldn’t bee so easily spotted from the rafters. I focused on pointing out obvious things to myself to dull the painand then I noticed a footpath that cut through the foliage. I look back checking my distance from the camp – maybe a 70 yards. I took the opportunity to go beneath the canopy.

It was early enough in the day that the light filtering through the trees still felt a little like pre-dawn. Despite my condition this place was pretty. Prettier than the cities. Not a lot of greenery where I’m from.

“Fuck,” I yell as my injured foot slams into something and I tumble forward. I throw myself into the fall and allow myself to just stop rolling when I’m on my back doing my best to keep my injured side elevated. I sigh and let my leg down gently. I scan for my attacker. To my right I see a leather boot. I crawl backward and call out, “hello?”

There’s no reply. I roll onto my stomach and push myself onto a knee and then my feet. I draw my sword and push away the foliage. The hollow eyes of a motionless skeleton stare back. To my own surprise, I don’t recoil. It’s been here too long to be Hugo’s friend and it’s clutching something. A cane? Or is it a scepter? The skeleton’s clothes have mostly disintegrated but the cane is in decent shape so I pry the cane from its hands. Examining it, I notice the shaft is split down the middle, but possesses a jeweled handle. Maybe Hugo and I could repair it and I’ll have an aid until my ankle heals.

I take this find back to camp hoping we can make something of it.

Character Sheet

Name - Jane Minitel
Class - The Helmed Exploration Score - [x][][ ][ ][ ]
Combat Score - [x][x][x][x][x]
Calling - Queen

“A map and a key the source of many of my family’s tall tales and stories. There’s so many stories that maybe there’s something to it…

Nature: 5 Brave, rule-bound, serious, humorless
- Some lightweight provisions for the trip but nothing to write home about
- Map from the escaped prisoer, Hugo
- Strange Metal Sword w/ Onyx Pommel
- Jeweled cane w/ a split shaft
Treasure: 0

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