Chambers and Their Echoes, a Colostle Playthrough | Day 1 Continued 📝

Posted on Sep 24, 2021

Week 1, Day 1 Continued

Exploration 10 [diamond], J [diamond] | Event 8 [spade] | Item 10 [spade]

I rowed for a few hours and I spied an island. Even though arms were beginning to fail me I was propelled by a towerjutting out from the land. I could barely make out a figure standing looking out from the tower – whatever stood theredidn’t look human. While I don’t have much to lose but this is the beginning of the journey and I’m not trying to die on the Deadwe. I continued rowing and rowing and rowing. Eventually, I came upon a island populated with trees. The candelabra was already dimming. I needed to work quickly to have a shelter before nightfall. I dragged the boat into the trees hoping to use it as a lean-to.

As I was setting up camp I noticed smoke plumes rising not too far away. It looked controlled, like an ordinary camp fire. These isles are more populated than I thought. Cautiously, I treaded towards the plumes. A shell of human in threadbare cloth poked at a meager fire. He didn’t look like he posed a threat to me or anyone at all. It was clear to me that his diet had been lean for sometime.

“Excuse me,” I said once I was within earshot .

The man leapt to his feat and put his fists up. “I’m not here to hurt you.” An iron ring of metal encircles each of his wrists and the chain has been broken off. “Nor am I here to return you to prison?”

He lowered his arms, “If you’re here to do neither of those can you get me off this island? You must have a boat, you’re not wet.”

“May I ask how you got here?”

“You guessed right. I’m an esacpee. My buddy and I were out fishing and we got captured by those. Those. Well, I don’t know what they are.”

The island with the tower. “I think I passed that island. I’m Jane by the way. How did you escape? Where’s your friend?”

The man looked a little flustered, “lots of questions. You’re the first person I talked to in weeks.”

“Apologies. Take them one at a time.” The man’s ribcage was even more apparent when he lowered his fists.

I pulled a tin of nuts out of my rucksack, “You may be a criminal, but you shouldn’t starve. Eat these,” I said handing them to the man.

The man stumbled forth and desperately took the tin from her hands. As he shoveled nuts into his mouth he muttered, “Name’s Hugo. Not a criminal. Fishing’s no crime.”

“Broken manacles suggest otherwise,” I said.

Hugo flushed, “You’d think them the criminals you knew what I been through.”

I decided to take a seat next to his fire. “I’m here for the evening. What do you got?” His story seemed likely. His body was covered in a patchwork of welts and bruises. They weren’t fresh but they were there all the same.

Hugo shook his head, “My buddy, Fynn. We was fishing out fishing. Trying to do some deeper fishing. Drifted too close to that island I guess and three swift boats came out and captured us. Must of been in that hell hole for months. Only been here uhh,” Hugo lifts the stick he was poking the fire with, “I been on this island as many ticks this stick has.”

He’s been here for a little under two weeks. I guess he also wasn’t being fed before he ended up here. “So, what happened when they captured you?”

“Well, they had us working on something. Mostly mining. Not something normal to mine though. I can’t explain it. Beyond me. Some other prisoners figured something to do with Rooks. Fynn did thought so. He had a real mind for that sort of thing.”

“What happened to Fynn?” Hugo grimaced as I asked. Something tragic. Died at the camp maybe.

“Listen, I just met you and haven’t had any time to,” his voice trails off.

“Your business is your business. Maybe save it.”

“We escaped and I made it here. Barely. I’d like off this island. I can’t offer much, but I have this.” Hugo reaches into a tattered sack. Hugo pulls out a tiny, square container. It must be waterproof. His fingers work the container open and he pulls out a folded vellum map.

“I stole this,” he says, “A pretty detailed map. Has stuff I never seen or heard of. You seem to be on some sort of adventure. I’ll give it to you now, if you get me out of here.”

The choice was pretty clear I could use a map and I couldn’t let a man die here. “Sure, I’ll take it. Come back to my camp with me and we’ll keep rowing tomorrow.”

“Where you headed?” He asked.

“Trying to cross the Deadwe.”

He nods, “Trying to get to the city?”

“I want to at least stop in a city.”

“Well, I’m not from there but my fishing village not too far off. You get me home and I can get you oriented and provision. My family, well they probably think I’m dead, so I can imagine they’ll be grateful.”

“We need to rest up then if we’re going to keep rowing. Who knows if the fair weather will hold.”

Character Sheet

Name - Jane Minitel
Class - The Helmed Exploration Score - [x][x][ ][ ][ ]
Combat Score - [x][x][x][x][x]
Calling - Queen

“A map and a key the source of many of my family’s tall tales and stories. There’s so many stories that maybe there’s something to it…

Nature: 5 Brave, rule-bound, serious, humorless
- Map from the escaped prisoer, Hugo
Treasure: 0

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