Chambers and Their Echoes, a Colostle Playthrough | Day 1 📝

Posted on Sep 23, 2021

Week 1, Day 1

Exploration 8 [club], 9 [spade]

This isn’t really the first day. It’s just the first day something happened. I made my way to the Sandling Bay where the Deadwe Sea stretches before me. I’m in luck. The waves are calm and the sky is clear. The bay is marked on the map and there’s a poem from my childhood I can’t quite remember. When ye cross the Deadwe… I don’t remember how it goes just that once you make it across you find a boon for your journey. I didn’t plan very well and I don’t have a boat. I’m going to need a way to cross – might need to find someone who can help me with that.

A footpath cutting through the vegatation caught my eye by no means a main road. I followed it a few hundred yardsand my luck must be in because covered in leaves was a small vessel. A small, two-person boat. Someone must have stashed it here for future use. Maybe a cousin built this and left it here. Or maybe it’s someone else’s. I make a route the area and pace through a few times before coming to the conclusion that no one is around and I’m going to borrow this.

Author’s Note

I’ll be posting each turn of exploration as a single post

Character Sheet

Name - Jane Minitel
Class - The Helmed Exploration Score - [x][x][ ][ ][ ]
Combat Score - [x][x][x][x][x]
Calling - Queen

“A map and a key the source of many of my family’s tall tales and stories. There’s so many stories that maybe there’s something to it…

Nature: 5 Brave, rule-bound, serious, humorless
- Some lightweight provisions for the trip but nothing to write home about
Treasure: 0

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