Impressions of My First IndieWeb Create Day

Posted on Oct 9, 2021

Overall Impressions

I found IndieWeb through using and was sold on trying to participate in events after reading through the principles. Despite being somewhat overhwlemed with life constraints, I’m glad I made time for today’s event and look forward to the future.

Somewhat intentionally, I don’t spend many of my non-work hours with developers or developer related spaces, but a self-selected group of individuals who are interested in making a an open, decent, and fun web is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

What I accomplished

I’ve been working on a dj daemon for playing curated content on a radio broadcasting schedule over legal AM radio. Much of the plumbing of how the code would work broadly I already wrote several months ago. Create Day gave me an opportunity to get a working demo of playing through some programming.

This allowed me to get the configuration working properly, suss out how I will be outputting the files to the standard audio out, and test that the files present in the configuration will successfully play.

My plan is to make the library public when I have get through the following bits of the roadmap:

[ ] Announcements
[ ] Podcasts
[ ] Web radio
[x] Local files
[ ] Randomized programming
[ ] Scheduled programming
[ ] Folder support

Demo Highlights

I was only able to stay around for two demos and present my own but I wanted to highlight them here.

Laurence Warner demoed an idea he had about making it easier to follow people’s feeds in a way that had the social reciprocity that is present in successful social media.

Johannes Ernst explored what he thought a non-corporatized metaverse could be using Mozilla Spoke and the A-Frame framework.

He graciously put together a demo

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