A Retrospective on the October Photo Challenge.

Posted on Nov 3, 2021

I didn’t end up finishing the October blogging challenge. Life got busy and though a few posts were my phone’s camera, I intended to use my X100F the entire time. I ended up stalling out around the twentieth day. I still wanted to at least record some thoughts on the process.

The return to the process of composing images was the highlight of my participation. It’s not something I’ve done with any sort of consistency in the past seven years. Through this, though, I realized that I like photography as a hobby when I have a dedicated project, or I am working in a series. Randomized prompts leave something to be desired. I find photography to be a fantastic medium, but the pleasure I derive from working in it comes through a crafted narrative, exploring a concept over the course of a series, or a concrete goal.

The one good that does come from something like this, is you can quickly sharpen (or re-sharpen) your skills through these challenges, and it’s a good way to explore the bounds of a new camera. The X100F, for example, gets blurry on the focus if there’s some over exposure. That isn’t an issue I recall with my Canon.

Despite being on social media for the better part of my life now, I had yet to engage in any sort of social media challenges. Something about them was always off-putting to me when I was younger. Perhaps the performance, the artifice, or the fact that you can’t maintain a nonchalant critical distance when you’re posting in earnest every day. I don’t find them off-putting now, but social media challengers are not for me.

While a photo blogging challenge is likely something I will not participate in again, I did enjoy photos filtering through the micro feed.

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