Chambers and Their Echoes, a Colostle Playthrough | Day 5 & 6 📝

Posted on Jan 31, 2022

📝 Day 5 & 6

Exploration 2 [clubs], A [clubs]

Hugo got right to work after finding the pirate treasure. He convinced me that the island would still provide for us if we gave me the day to rest and him the day to repair the cane.

I spent the day studying the rune on my boots to no avail. I’ll need access to a library. Even then, I’ve always been better at intuiting magic more than actively learning it. It’d probably benefit me to get good at learning.

We’re sitting at the fire and Hugo’s polishing the cane. At this point, I think it’s been fixed for hours, but he’s taken such a keen interest that I figured it best to leave him at it. He gives a satisfied huff and looks up at me. His eyes are beaming brighter than the fire before us. “I think you’re gonna like this,” he says.

“Like it or not, I need it,” I reply.

“True. This is a fine object, though. When you get to a city you should have someone polish it proper, but I did my best with what I could.” Hugo stands and crosses over to me, “Here, give it a whirl.”

I take the cane in hand. It does have a nice weight to it. I do some paces until Hugo seems satisfied. It won’t make me hobble any faster, but it will keep some pressure off the ankle. I smile at Hugo, “Thank you. The wait was worth it.”

“You saved my life. It’s the least I could do. So, we’re off early tomorrow?”

“As early as you’ll rise,” I reply.

Day 7

The next day we rise, eat, and break down camp, loading everything valuable onto the row boat. We keep to the course I chartered before coming upon the isle. It was a day of rowing. It hurt the arms, but nothing worth writing home about. I couldn’t keep the gargoyle out of my mind. What are the odds? If it happened to me and I survived, it must happen more frequently than we know. I shake off the thought and focus on my rowing.

Catch. Drive. Catch Drive. Catch Drive. Catch Drive…

Hugo rouses my thoughts from the monotony.

Jane, look. I look ahead to see what he’s pointing at. It’s incredible, like nothing I’ve ever seen. Or at least not at this scale. It’s a door – which I’ve seen before, but what’s inconceivable is its size. Several stories high. Even as it sits on our horizon, it towers over the sea.

I gasp.

“You never saw anything like that?” Hugo asks.

“Never,” I reply.

“Means we’re on the right path. That’s Reunion Gate. Merchants, fishermen, or those filled with wanderlust come to the sea through that gate. Many never return, but it’s where people hopeful to see wayward love ones wait.” Hugo seems to take in the grandeur of the door for a beat, and then wistfully says, “I wonder if anyone’s waiting for me.”

“We’ll know when we get there.” I wish I had more words of comfort, but I’m too awestruck to conjure the words.

Hugo seems to understand where my brain’s at and moves on. “It’s still about a day’s walk from the shore. Doubtful that we’ll pull right on up to a port town. If we do, we’ll be lucky. How much more rowing you got in ya?”

I’ve been rowing all day. I’m so sick of rowing, “How much do we need?”

“Taking turns? I reckon six hours between us.”

Hugo sees the exhaustion in my face set in, “Why don’t you let me row for a bit?”

After hours of trading on and off, the shoreline is in sight. I start rowing harder and faster. With the end in sight, it’s easy to draw deeper within myself. There’s not much left in my reserves, but there’s enough.

The waves carry the boat in, and we drag our boat onto the shore. I cover find some foliage to bury it in. I intend to put it back one day. The gate beckons, and we head in that direction until we find a road.

When we finally do come upon the road, we are greeted by an overturned cart. It looks like it was raided but no blood, so whoever owned this must have at least escaped with their life, or they were taken prisoner.

Hugo’s guard is up, “We should camp off the road. Sun’s already basically down.”

I nod in agreement, “But first I’m going to see if there’s anything useful in here.” Most everything good had been taken, but I find something that must have been missed. It kind of looks like a compass. The needle is pointing in a direction that’s certainly not north. “Found a broken compass, Hugo.”

Hugo looks over my shoulder, “That’s no compass. That’s a wayfinder. Traveling merchants and even us fishermen use it in the Roomlands to find the nearest large population center. Not so useful when we’re close but on the sea or in the woods, it can be quite handy, even if it’s only telling you which way not to go. Best stash that. Now let’s go make camp.”

Hugo gets no argument from me. My body aches and I know I’m liable to collapse where I stand.

Author’s Note

Another treasure. Can only improve exploration so I went with something that would make exploring easier.

### Character Sheet Name - Jane Minitel
Class - The Helmed Exploration Score - [x][x][x][ ][ ]
Combat Score - [x][x][x][x][x]
Calling - Queen

“A map and a key the source of many of my family’s tall tales and stories. There’s so many stories that maybe there’s something to it…

Nature: 5 Brave, rule-bound, serious, humorless
- Some lightweight provisions for the trip but nothing to write home about - Special Metal Sword w/ Onyx Pommel
- Springheel Boots (+1 Exploration)
- Wayfinder (directs user to nearest large population center) (+1 Exploration)
Treasure: 0
Wounds: Dropped from the rafters by a gargoyle, broken ankle -1 exploration.

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