Housekeeping Update

Posted on Oct 3, 2022

For those following along, I’m updating how I use microblog.

For a long while I’ve wanted to do a link blog. My goal is to make 3 posts a week that have a technology related link, a fun link, and a wildcard link with some commentary. That’s the baseline. It could get more expansive, but I wanted to do something attainable.

I’m working on a new template that leverages categories for presentation. To that end, I’ve started embedding posts from elsewhere (largely Twitter) and tossing it in the elsewhere category.

I have two in progress essays that are at least 70 percent there. I’ll plug away as I get the time.

I will continue to use this as a place to stash notes on the books and papers I’ve read.

I recently caught covid and in the haze of illness read several recent papers on covid. I will be dedicating some of my posts to summarizing the findings (to the best of my lay ability) and providing those sources. Those will fall into their own covid category once that starts.

My ultimate goal is that this is a place for me to return to for inspiration and resources. I would also like it to contain the little writing I do accomplish.

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