We need infrastructure to address inflation not unemployment.

Doesn’t feel like a slide towards fascism so much as rocketing towards it.

Pebbles are such great products. The community they actively built has preserved a great piece of technology and keeps improving upon it. Rebble presents a hopeful case for consumer electronics.

Very unexpectedly, someone made a PR into a repository I created a few days ago. It didn’t exactly solve my problem, but normally my code goes unnoticed on github. Just truly bizarre that they found it.

Imagining an AI Commons Report

At the end of 2019, a lifetime ago, I participated in Machines Agencies’ Imagining an AI Commons workshop at Concordia University in Montréal. Though my interests do not center AI, this workshop and the commons would end up being central to my work as I endeavored to square the ubiquity of information technology in daily life with the possibilities and challenges to creating a commons of information technology infrastructure. The assembly of this report was delayed by the pandemic, but a report and video about the workshop has been prepared.…

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What a difference prioritizing good documentation and reasonable meeting times makes.

Tips for Windows users who hate navigating through the new GUIs: Typing appwiz.cpl and compmgmt.msc into your search bar will give you actually useful menus.

My dear friend @ParasiteHouse is back online and posting his poetry and writing. Please give him a follow. The micro blog community is great and I feel like I’ve been selling him on it forever and he’s finally here.

Forgot to export my MFA tokens before factory resetting old phone. I have backup codes, but there should be some checks built into the transfer process.

I was going from Pixel 4a to Pixel 5a.

Normally, I wait a month before resetting, but am giving the old device to a friend.

I have so many backlogged blog posts that are half-written. Maybe after this show is opened and my move is finalized I’ll have writing time again.

Designing a show after almost five years of not doing it and damn…I kind of miss it.

Somehow my phone got out of sync and was an hour off. Was away from my car when DST happened, and my computer is set to EST. Living a life of pure chaos.

We’re looking for 3 more senior software engineers. PHP monolith with an in process move towards Go microservices. Happy to answer any question and direct you to our HR department.

Does anyone recall that account where the premise was “Elon Musk bored at work?” It presented little sketches of the account holder’s invention ideas as though they came from Elon? Well, in addition to every other form of media that’s spent time laundering his reputation, that account is also to blame.

Bouncing between the soon to be previous and my future home until the end of my lease. I have to say I will not miss living in a “garden” level place. The three week reprieve really improved my mood and I can already feel underground living sapping my energy and will.

Elon Musk is on the Twitter board now. Deleted the app from my phone. Maybe my days on the bird app are numbered.

Work has me developing on a Mac and I wish I could just main Linux.

I really like Go Embed. For a big project, I’d maybe want the frontend elsewhere, but for personal tools or something I’m sharing with my team, it reduces dependencies and allows us to just use the binary or go run main.go

web3 hates relational databases because these databases encourage you to duplicate data as little as possible and the web3 imperative is to dedicate every CPU cycle to replicating already existing data.

I Went in Search of Decentralized Relational Storage

I don’t buy into the Blockchain hype, but I do see the value of decentralization and peer-to-peer (P2P) computing. That said, this past weekend I went in search of an open-source peer-to-peer relational database. If you are not interested in this journey, I’ll tell you now, I did not find decentralized, P2P, relational database. Relational databases hosted on a central (logical or physical) server make a ton of sense. It’s easier to bump performance specs, merge changes without conflicts, there’s no need to handle node discovery management, and the list goes on.…

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Litestream SQLite replication looks super interesting.

Scrapy is a great library for web scraping. It’s my first real effort at using Python for a project and I have been enjoying it so far. Normally, I prefer to stay in the land of compiled languages, but this feels like the right language for the job. Need to read the docs more to figure out how to get dynamically loaded content.

For a brief moment in the US we glimpsed that the state could readily take bold action to address issues plaguing the country. Not that this was sufficient, but it demonstrated the possibility. Now we will lumber along with covid, climate change, and a growing housing crisis.

There’s gotta be a link between the world getting worse and Hollywood studios refusing to simply recast a character.

Chambers and Their Echoes, a Colostle Playthrough | Day 5 & 6 📝

📝 Day 5 & 6 Exploration 2 [clubs], A [clubs] Hugo got right to work after finding the pirate treasure. He convinced me that the island would still provide for us if we gave me the day to rest and him the day to repair the cane. I spent the day studying the rune on my boots to no avail. I’ll need access to a library. Even then, I’ve always been better at intuiting magic more than actively learning it.…

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