Finished reading: How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism by Cory Doctorow 📚


Notes | How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism

Summary How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism is a book length response to Zuboff’s Surveillance Capitalism: The fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power. Doctorow agrees that we face difficult challenges regarding technology and capitalism, but fears her diagnosis of the problem will lead us down an incorrect path. Zuboff notes that everything that Big Tech says about itself is probably a lie, but Doctorow points out that she makes one exception: the stated efficacy of Big Tech products.…

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DAY 22: Two years largely indoors and constantly engaged in screens has my eyes in regular need of some forced rest.…

Nathan was kind enough to cite me after sending over some of my early grad school work.

Day 21: This painting from a friend above my work shelf often reminds me of space.

Why Would I Want An Append-Only Ledger?

Why Would I Want an Append Only Ledger? Author’s Note: The point of this post is to highlight the actual use cases for an append-only ledger and how these ledgers, especially blockchain, are not useful in most cases. I’m collecting my thoughts here in a longer form so that I can later distill them into something much shorter. I wanted to do this through exploring the actual use cases instead of focusing on the rampant scams.…

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Day 20 when there is only one sport

Day 19: Some favorite and oft cited books on a mirror

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown” is one of my favorite expressions and I wish I remembered where I first encountered it.

I finally figured out why I was struggling to get objects in slightly different planes to be in focus. The aperture was too wide. Shaking off years of rust still but I’m happy micro blog convinced me to pull out the camera again.

Day 18: I said I’d be finished hanging flyers when I ran out of tape. Flyer created by:…

Day 17: Compass. I like how the author deals with navigating the stars in this book and the dynamics it added to the story.

Rotation Day 16 > I’ve got a feeling the weather is changing
> And my luck is in

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Not sure what it is but the X100F feels noisier than other cameras I’ve had in low light. Don’t have the time or energy to do a test, but it feels true after the past 15 days of using it for the photo challenge.

With both stage and photography lighting, I have always trended towards the setting where it is dimmer than I think most people want. I’m trying to calibrate up so it’s a touch brighter, but I can’t seem to nail it.

DAY 15: An ethereal moment in gaming history

Day 14: wheels up

Day 13: love running into alley animals.

Doing some freelance work for a previous job. Let’s see if the most recent version of this dependency maintained compatability with the project that hasn’t been touched since I left.

One thing I don’t like about the x100f is that screen brightens up any photos you are taking and everything is a little dimmer when you go to process. I can probably edit this in settings somehow.

Day 12: My grandma survived lung cancer and before she passed I used to tell a legend that she outsmoked the cancer. While that’s not true, she did smoke three packs of these a day.

Notes | Commons Praxis: Towards a Critical Political Economy of the Digital Commons

Source:… | Author: Benjamin J Birkinbine | Date: 2018-03-02 Summary In this work, Benjamin Birkinbine focuses on the ways in which commoning can undermine the capitalist logics of the digital commons – setting out to create “an account of the commons that incorporates structural critique of capitalism”. He examines the ways in which the digital commons expands the possibilities within the market but the commons fails to account for how state and capital can exercise power over these communities.…

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So many brilliant people have put in the thought for solving our most intransigent problems and yet we just shamble along pretending nothing is possible.

Day 11: Higge

Day 10: A bridge of cards

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