Notes | The memory of perfection: Digital faces and nostalgic franchise cinema

Source:…| Author: Dan Golding | Date: July 28, 2021 Summary Dan Golding examines the digital face as it exists within contemporary franchise films. He examines how the process of digitally de-aging the living or resurrecting the dead acts as a tie to the viewer’s past but is also, necessarily, a notation upon the audiences’ relationship to the present. Notes The penultimate sentence of the abstract catches my attention with, “… digital faces are creative, technical and financial decisions above all.…

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I came across one of the reasons Tarkin looked so bizarre in Rogue One. “…when the lighting on *Rogue One’s digital Tarkin was adjusted to match that of A New Hope, he apparently looked more like the original, but stood out as a digital recration because of different on-set lighting on Henry had been filmed with”

Found it in Dan Golding’s The memory of perfection: Digital faces and nostalgic franchise cinema

I learned about how at one point scientists were blasting crops with gamma radiation to develop beneficial mutations and like it makes sense but holy hell that seems wild.

It’s wild that the FCC still does not have its fifth commissioner and that the Biden administration is all shrugs about it.

I really want to design my own theme for my blog, but it’s just finding the time.

The InkJet Model Comes for the Automobile

In a moment that feels as though it is straight out of a Philip K Dick novel, BMW has rolled out the ability to subscribed to heated seats in select markets. You can purchase this feature for $180 a year, $300 for three years, or $415 for “unlimited” usage. Premium trim options are obviously not new to the car market. The innovation here seems to be that car manufacturers are getting in on microtransactions.…

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Another instance of malicious copyright claims.…

Today, I went to a “raw” youtube landing page and the first thing I saw was like a video where two teenagers posted about their break-up. I’m guessing they ran a joint account.

Call me old fashion but if there’s a break up. I’m going to cry and listen to Cat Power alone.

My hot tip for any friends with skinny jeans still in their closet is to just turn them into shorts with a 5-9” inseam. Can be done with a machine or by hand.

Positive, Negative, and Zero-Sum Games

The world is a hellscape of vultures trying to separate honest people from their money. The most visible method of obvious fleecing today is cryptocurrency. Much has happened in the world of cryptocurrency between the time I started writing this and today, and it has been well documented by better writers than myself. I’m no expert in game theory and this isn’t about whatever crypto’s scam of the day is, but more a primer on the types of games – conceived broadly – that one can engage in so that we may find ourselves clear-eyed in the face of the Tulip Mania’s to come.…

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Finished these two books yesterday. Hoping to have my notes up soon. Honestly, wish I had taken better notes while going through these but the last few months have been busy.

Seems bad that most states in the US have monkeypox cases.

In which a 28 year old software engineer has to directly contradict a member of the SEC to protect consumers.…

Dismantling car infrastructure would also undermine surveillance infrastructure.

I have set for myself the babyist of writing goals. It’s 100 words a day. I did it yesterday and I did it again today. Like they say, anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. Here’s to at least another 100 tomorrow.

I don’t think people will believe that a president’s lawyer was sweating outside a landscaping business giving a press conference.

We really need to strike back against the digital rentier. I have no clue how to get back to physical media for games and movies but it’s a path that must be charted again.

One thing that is often both extremely cool and disappointing is that most ideas I’ve had have been implemented elsewhere.

Today’s find:

I truly do just love RSS.

Found a RSS reader that I like again.

I’m very unclear where to place Go in my assessment of it as a language. I feel like it immensely helped me become a better developer but I’m not sure if that is just something that happens as you progress with writing code regardless of what language you’re in.

Didn’t realize what a blessing having a European IP address was. You get better cookie preferences pop-ups.

I need a standard that is adopted across the desktop industry for keyboard shortcuts (with a flag to handle the Mac translation).

Daily, I interact and work on Linux, Windows, Mac devices and I just need my keyboard shortcuts to be the same.

I Hate It Here (Earth)

In the early Trump administration, I thought there was a possibility that the neverending parade of horrors might be transitory. During the summer of 2020 I was sure of it. People reached a boiling point. We had masses in the streets, we were doing policy that hadn’t been done in decades. Hell, we gave people money without means testing. It seemed like a moment where things could break for the better.…

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We need infrastructure to address inflation not unemployment.

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